Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity, 2-4th October, Technische Universität Berlin

Preceded by a one-day hackathon on the 1st October, hosted by Melodrive

The fourth conference of Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity will be held from  2-4th October 2019 in …

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Computational simulation of musical creativity is an emerging and exciting area of research. In the last few years, numerous systems that compose, improvise and perform music have been developed. These systems pose several theoretical and technical challenges, and are the result of an interdisciplinary effort that encompasses the domains of  music, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and philosophy.

The main goal of this conference is to bring together scholars from different backgrounds, interested in virtual emulation of musical creativity, providing an interdisciplinary platform to promote, present and discuss their work.

Keynote Speakers:

We will shortly announce our two keynote speakers at CSMC2019:



We look forward to seeing you all in October in Berlin!

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